We are experts in Tax Law

The tax department is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience who offer strategic solutions and tax advice to both non-residents and residents of Spain. Our team works with the rest of the firm’s departments and provides them with ongoing support during any operation, as most operations have a tax-related angle that needs to be studied.

– Preparation and filing of periodic and one-time tax returns.

– Non-Resident Income Tax.

– Property transfer tax.

– Real estate tax.

– Personal Income Tax.

– Corporation tax.

– Inheritance and Donation Tax.

– Tax on Economic Activities.

– Transfer tax and stamp duty.

– Calculation of capital gains.

– Procedure for requesting the refund of the 3% withheld after the sale of a property by non-residents.

– Tax Inspection Procedures (VAT, Personal Income Tax, Non-Residents Income Tax, Corporate Tax).

– Procedures and formalities with the various departments of the Spanish Tax Agency (Drafting of documents requesting the deferral of debts, off-setting tax credits, and refunds of undue payments).

– Appeals for reconsideration and economic-administrative claims.


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