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Despacho Lamas is a law firm specializing in the provision of services in the field of Spanish law and the purchase and sale of real estate in Mallorca. We have many years of experience, which allows us to carry out legal work in the shortest possible time and at the highest level. Jaime Lamas represented Austrian consular interests for 10 years as Austrian Honorary Vice Consul in the Balearic Islands.

The strong knowledge of law and languages that our team of professional lawyers in Mallorca has allows us to offer comprehensive services in real estate and other areas of law to both international and national clients. We try to turn a complex legal process into a simple and easy procedure. On the other hand, constant cooperation with real estate agencies and other partners ensures full consultation throughout the entire process.

We are confident that any legal problem can always be resolved. Our task is to make every effort to provide you with it transparently and as soon as possible.

With Despacho Lamas, you can find a reliable and experienced legal partner in real estate matters. Our specialists, speaking your language, will always clearly and competently answer your questions.

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What is important to know when buying property in Mallorca

  1. Buying real estate in the Balearic Islands, and in Mallorca in particular, is an excellent private investment and, in the case of buying a business property, a profitable and promising investment of capital.
  2. When buying real estate in another country, a buyer or investor needs to know and be prepared for the fact that the legislation on real estate will be completely different, with its own nuances that are different from the rules of his country. To understand this, it would be wise to contact a competent lawyer who will clarify all the details.
  3. The buyer should keep in mind that real estate agencies are always trying to show the best and “brilliant” part of the property in Mallorca. While after the purchase, unpleasant circumstances, legal shortcomings, utility bills, the lack of the necessary legal documents may become clear. Thus, it is vitally important to do a thorough check of the seller’s reputation and the legality of the property.
  4. It should be understood that the real estate market in Mallorca is quite aggressive. And the buyer will have to face a multitude of sellers driven only by their own interest in enrichment. That is why you need to have a trusted person nearby, a lawyer, whose fee does not consist of a percentage of the value of the property. Only in this case is it possible to guarantee that the interests of the buyer are exclusively observed.

Our services

  • Spanish Property law, construction and planning
  • Tax and Fiscal Legislation
  • Real estate inheritance law
  • Investments in real estate in Spain and abroad
  • Construction law in the Balearic Islands
  • Contract law
  • Real estate development in Mallorca
  • Commercial lease and freehold
  • Contracts with regional authorities and municipalities
  • Urban planning in the Balearic Islands

Why you can trust us

Before buying

We pay great attention to advice before purchase. Our customers should be well-informed and clearly understand all the nuances of the purchase procedure. We carry out all the necessary checks related to the legal registration of property and land, obtaining a building consent, building licenses and certificates. In the event that the property is a community property, we give advice on the relevant issues and, if necessary, provide assistance in the ongoing management of this type of property.

Financial consulting and mortgages

Our law firm has strong ties to the banking system and mortgage providers in Mallorca. We will provide you with first-hand information on obtaining a mortgage, thanks to which you can choose the most advantageous mortgage and banking account opening offers.

Construction planning rules

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the local building planning regulations, which are becoming more and more stringent in Mallorca every year. Our experts advise on the compliance of the existing property with the requirements for future building. Some of the most respected architects and surveyors in Mallorca are our consultants. We will refer you to the right construction specialist to help to resolve all problems appeared during the planning process.

Support after purchase

After purchasing a property in Mallorca, we will take care of the buyer’s residence permit, if necessary. We also help in all aspects of owning real estate here, both foreign citizens and residents of Mallorca.

Property management

If, after purchasing a property, you plan to rent it out for a long-term or tourist lease, we will advise you on the current legislation and regulations for renting private real estate. You can also count on us if you need to develop an individual lease agreement.


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