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– Incorporation of homeowners’ associations: Taking care of all the legal procedures for incorporating a homeowners’ association.

– Drafting of articles of incorporation and internal regulations: Drawing up of the legal regulations by which the association must be governed, with advice on the most important issues to take into account. Subsequent registration of the articles with the property registry.

– Administration of owners’ associations: Performing the following specific tasks (article 20, Horizontal Property Act):

– Ensure the proper management of the house, its installations and services, and advise and admonish the owners to that effect.

– Prepare in advance and submit to the General Meeting the foreseeable expenses plan, proposing the manner in which to cover them.

– See to the upkeep and maintenance of the property, arranging for urgent repairs and measures, reporting them immediately to the president, or where appropriate, to the owners.

– Carry out the resolutions adopted regarding maintenance work and make and receive the payments that are appropriate.

– Act, where applicable, as the secretary of the Meeting and take custody of the Association documentation while making it available to the owners.

– Any other duties conferred by the Association and authorized by the Owners’ Meeting with the required majorities.

– Call owners’ meetings and attend them. Subsequent drafting and sending out of the minutes. Attendance at governing board meetings.

– Management and control of delinquency.

– Preparation of work or maintenance contracts for the association.

– Contracting of insurance on behalf of the association and management of any claims that may exist.

– Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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