We are experts in procedures for Non-Residents

At Despacho Lamas, we want to become your trusted reference point when you are seeking legal advice in Spain. We have been advising intra-community and non-EU foreigners for more than 30 years on all types of procedures that are needed to ensure their well-being in this country. We take great pride in the fact that more than 90% of our clients are international.

– Comprehensive advice on real estate transactions and real estate companies.

– Comprehensive advice on foreign investments.

– Tax returns for Non-Residents.

– Management of local taxes (property tax, garbage).

– Residence permits.

– Renewal of residence permits.

– Obtaining residence when self-employed.

– Obtaining residence as an employee.

– Obtaining a Foreigner’s ID Number (NIE).

– Applying for a corporate tax ID (CIF).

– Applying for citizenship.

– Temporary residence for family reunification.

– Separate residence for reunited family members.

– Golden Visa


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