We are experts in Civil Law.

Civil law is of vital importance for building peace and social order. This is because its principles regulate, organize, and facilitate social relations. They also provide a frame of reference for resolving conflicts between the rights and obligations of each natural person or legal entity.

1.Succession and donations:

– Drafting of wills and last wishes.

– Contesting a will.

– Negotiation between heirs.

– Advice on the acceptance/rejection of an inheritance.

– Drafting of inheritance distribution agreements.

– Legitimacy: determination, calculation, and claims.

– Execution and distribution.

– Legal and tax planning of intestate succession.

2.Obligations and contracts:

– Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.

– Drawing up and study of all types of contracts.

– Sales, earnest money, transfer, and loan contracts.

– Leases and rental contracts.

3.Leases, rentals, and evictions:

– Drawing up, review, and negotiation of leases and rental contracts.

– Termination of a lease or rental contract due to a breach.

– Rental contracts with rent control: updating the rent.

– Claims against tenants for damage caused to the property.

– Claims for unpaid rent.

– Eviction for non-payment.

4.Family Law:

– Separations.

– Negotiation of the regulatory agreement.

– Divorces.


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