33rd anniversary of Despacho Lamas

After the 33rd anniversary of Despacho Lamas, we met with the founder, the lawyer who in 1989 decided to open what was then called Bufete Jaime Lamas, and his two daughters who joined the firm five years ago.

There are no secret formulas. Preparation, creativity, work, work, work and work.

After thirty years of experience, the firm has established itself as one of the most important on the island in real estate law and in all services related to the purchase, sale and administration of properties (Property Management).

And after three decades, what is the firm’s philosophy? “A job well done. That is our working philosophy and the basis of everything we do. Our greatest satisfaction is to see our clients at ease and happy with the decisions made throughout the process”.

Despacho Lamas has a long history specialising in advising foreign investments in the Balearic Islands and, thanks to its great team of lawyers and economists, hundreds of clients trust in its track record, services and passion for its profession.

Despacho Lamas

Coming from a family of lawyers, Jaime Lamas has it in his blood. After graduating in Law from the University of the Balearic Islands, he pursued postgraduate studies in Vienna and gained experience in Hanover and London. He returned to Spain to work for his uncle’s law firm and a few years later, in 1989, Despacho Lamas was born.

Tell us about a day in the life of Jaime Lamas.

I get up and the first thing I do is dedicate about 15 minutes to meditation. It allows me to keep my perspective on who I am. Then, if possible, I like to have breakfast with two of my children and then go to work for a large part of the day. In the evening I regularly do sport and two days a week I do yoga to relax my muscles and mind.

¿Do you feel a successful person?

I would change successful to lucky. I am healthy, I like my job and I always surround myself with people I love and who love me. That’s all I could ask for.

I live by the motto “do good and don’t look at who”. I try to apply it every day in all aspects of my life and the surprise is that with this attitude life gives you back a hundredfold.

What characteristics should a professional have to be successful in his/her career?

It is a cluster of many things at once. Apart from a solid education, empathy and humanity, which I think is a value that is being lost today, knowing how to listen and see behind a client’s problem, the human being that we are working for. The team that accompanies you is also very important and, in my case, part of the firm’s success.

What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your profession?

A happy client. Seeing that different generations of the same family continue to count on us, as well as new recommended clients, gives me great satisfaction, a satisfaction that cannot be paid for with money. Money comes only if you do a good job and treat the clients who trust you with care.

For 10 years he consularly represented Austria in the Balearic Islands. What would you highlight the most about the experience?

Representing Austria as honorary vice-consul was an opportunity to give back to the country everything it had given me in my education and life experience. Apart from the well-known cocktail parties and social events, I put a lot of energy into going to hospitals and prisons when asked for consular assistance. In one consular year alone, I went to prison more times than in my entire professional career as a lawyer. After ten years I realised that this phase of my life was over and I resigned from the post.

They say that success is the beginning of failure, however, in your case this is not the case. What is the secret to remain one of the most prestigious law firms on the island?

The formula I have followed over the last 30 years has been strength, desire and experience. During the first few years, along with good training, enthusiasm and effort were paramount. With the passage of time, experience and learning have complemented the formula to keep us where we are and where we intend to persevere.

Experience, personal treatment and a highly qualified team make the client trust us and trust is the secret to attracting clients, and it is the office with the best views of the old town of Palma and its bay! (Laughs)

From the very beginning you have specialised in foreign investment in the Balearics. What made you want to focus on this?

“I focused all my postgraduate training on the legal and fiscal development of foreign investments in Spain. This also includes the whole issue of inheritance, which is so important when you have real estate assets. It is an exciting branch of law and makes it attractive because clients, on most occasions, make you part of an illusion such as acquiring a second home in Mallorca”.

Non-resident clients represent more than 90% of their clientele and, therefore, they have been specialising in foreigners for a long time, developing departments that meet the needs of their clients. That is why they have a department of foreigners and tax law for non-residents. The aim of Despacho Lamas is to offer a 360º service for those who not only want to invest in Spain, but also want to make it their home.

Leading a great team like the one at Despacho Lamas must not be an easy task. What principles or values do you try to instill in your team?

“The fundamental thing is that behind a client and the technical work to be carried out, there is a person. Connecting with them is the basis for guaranteeing their satisfaction. We also seek excellence as a standard of action and conduct in each of the tasks to be carried out”.

You can rely on the international and multilingual team that is at your disposal for the negotiation and purchase of real estate, inheritance, municipal licenses, tax and residential advice, property maintenance and everything necessary for the investment to be successful.

His children are part of the Despacho Lamas team. In the future they will take over, what advice do you give them to carry on your legacy?

“Excellence. It’s a great summary of a whole host of values, preparation, empathy and discipline. My advice is to enjoy the work. Life goes by fast and what remains is the experience and satisfaction of a life fully lived.”

Despacho Lamas

Although their work has great prestige, the team does not rest on its laurels. “We have to grow to survive and continually adapt to the needs of the times. The new generation of the Lamas family has brought a new, younger energy to the firm. Far from being the end of the road, 2022 marks the beginning of a new stage where excellence, empathy and perseverance continue to dominate.


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